Our Partners

With the help of our strategic partners we provide employers total peace of mind on all staff employment and management issues, with complete protection against:

  • Discrimination claims made by prospective employees following job interviews.
  • Employment disputes from new and existing employees with bespoke employment contracts proven to reduce disputes and safeguard employers.
  • Employment Tribunals through independent employer/employee early neutral evaluation (ENE).

How does all this work?

2 Apply.co.uk Specialist Job Application Management

The 2Apply process safeguards you against discrimination claims by disappointed candidates. All applicants are required to complete an application form designed to make it easier for the employer to select the best applicants for interview. The information provided by the applicant is filtered to hide the sections that could lead to discrimination. The employer is not provided with the full information until after they have selected which applicants they will interview.

HR4UK.com Staff Administration Made Simple

HR4UK.com is one of the UK's leading online HR and employment support services. It was launched in 1980 with the intention of helping smaller businesses to put their employment and personnel paperwork in order with as few demands on their time as possible. Since the company launched its online system in 2003 it has produced over 100,000 employment contracts and supported thousands of small businesses across the UK and Northern Ireland. In 2010 these contracts prevented over 85% of all potential Employment Tribunal claims and gave added confidence to managers handling employee problems.