Welcome to 2Apply, the online recruitment resource

2Apply is a unique online system which safeguards employers and job applicants against potential discrimination - and simplifies the recruitment process.

Every year, discrimination claims cost UK business-owners millions of pounds.

The traditional recruitment process using CVs and application forms puts companies at significant risk of discrimination claims. This is because it makes it possible for employers to view personal information about candidates and - intentionally or otherwise - to discriminate on the basis of this information, or for candidates to claim for discrimination.

2Apply removes this risk instantly. Taking applicants from initial application through to interview stage, it provides employers only with information relevant to the job role.

2Apply for employers:

  • Removes the risk of discrimination and discrimination claims.
  • Speeds up the candidate selection process whilst cutting recruitment costs.
  • Provides only the relevant applicant information within one simple system.

2Apply for job applicants:

  • Ensures fair and equal treatment for all applicants.
  • Protects applicants against potential discrimination.
  • Provides a simple process for submitting a job application.

Employers - Use 2Apply for free now

2Apply is easy to use and is available free now. Click to view the two versions of the service:

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