2Apply for Employers

Are you an employer? Do you wish you could:

  • Speed up the recruitment process? - No more ploughing through 100s of C.V.s
  • Find eligible job applicants more easily? - Easier comparisons of candidates
  • Protect your business from the risk of discrimination claims?

2Apply is a unique online recruitment system which protects your business whilst making it easier to find the right person for the job.

2Apply is easy to use and is available in 2 versions, click to view the options now.

FREE version - The process

  • Log vacancy details.
  • Customised application form.
  • Set the dates between which applications are accepted.
  • View applicants details in the easy, comparative, non-discriminatory layout to select the best candidates for interview.
  • Set the system to send e-mail acknowledgements to all candidates informing them of the results of their application.
  • Print off the full application forms for the candidates you wish to interview.

FREE version Terms & conditions of use


UPGRADE version All the elements of the Free service.....PLUS

  • Assistance from our experienced staff in advertising the vacancy.
  • Assistance in the wording of the company and vacancy profiles.
  • A legally correct offer of employment letter to protect your business.
  • AND a personalised contract of employment for the successful candidate.

FULL PRICE 160 - special introductory offer for your first vacancy 80 plus vat

UPGRADE version Terms & conditions of use


Are your recruitment procedures putting your business at risk?

They could be, if they involve selecting job candidates through CVs and job applications.

Both options can put your company at risk of expensive and time consuming discrimination claims.

These traditional recruitment methods can allow employers to become aware of personal information not relevant to the applicant's ability to do the job and can lead to the risk of discrimination, or appearing to discriminate, on the basis of issues such as age or gender.

Even appearing to discriminate can lead to an Employment Tribunal claim with the inevitable legal defence costs, possible awards and, since October 2010, even a fine.

The costs in time and money for a business to defend itself in an Employment Tribunal can be tens of thousands of pounds.

Easy online recruitment, not Employment Tribunals

2Apply removes these risks in one straightforward system:

  1. All applicants fill in an application form.
  2. Each job has its own specific form incorporating job-related questions to make it easier for you to select the best applicants for interview.
  3. Information provided by the applicant is filtered to hide information which could lead to discrimination, such as name, email address and dates that could indicate age.
  4. The full information is only provided to you after you have selected the applicants you wish to interview. 2Apply also has additional built in safeguards to prevent problems due to unintentional discrimination.
  5. When the vacancy closing date is reached, and the decision regarding those chosen for interview has been made, the system informs all applicants by email.

Employers - Use 2Apply for free now

2Apply is easy to use and is available free now. Click to view the two versions of the service:

FREE version details and terms

UPGRADE version details and terms